sleeping slippers

my parents were out, and I'm sick. there's only me,my little sister and my maids. my mum gave me a pair of sleeping slippers for me to wear it. oh it's nice! i wear until now 'cos it's comfortable....

aaaww i love it!!! it looks very simple,right? only little flower prints with maroon background, but it's special to me tee-hee :-) hmm well i think that's it for today.. only showing off my sleeping slippers hihi

with love,
Stranger D



listening to: The All American Rejects - The Last Song
Mood: Bored, Tired

this morning, i came to 161 high school for implement the
English Competition there. i was so lazy, but what do i have to do? I've been chosen haha. so, after the competition, i arrived home, i didn't change my clothes, only took off my uniform, and what? don't you ever think that I'm nude! I'm using a boxer and a tee, yeah still wearing my socks hahaha! 

I'm really bored, always chat with my friends and blablablaaaaa..
so then, i took some photos to show you what do i look like now haha!

i feel, i looks like a little kid here....!! hahahaha idk why i really like these photos! weird......but the novelty of me!

mmmm what do we gonna do now? I'm bored opening Friendster,Facebook,Myspace,Polyvore and chat with friends! it's like everyday i did that, there's no entertainment at all! ooh i hope new things got into me! it'll be YUMMY!



Photoshoot II

Some new simple photoshoot again, guys! I hope you like these..

so what do you think? taken by my big lovely sister,Debra. place at my Grandparent's house and my big brother,Ardhika's Room. on New Year's Eve 2009 night. please, I need your suggestions, comments, and opinions! so please, tell me by comment.

thank you dear peoples!

Lots Of Love,