Photoshoot I

here's my recent photoshoot, and the places are different. as usuall, with my big sister and my little sister :-)

Di kamar, sebelum ke Perkawinan

di Kamar di Bandung

di Restauran di Paris Van Java,Bandung

di Fitting Room Outlet the Secret,Bandung

di Kids Playing Area, the Secret, Bandung

all of it, taken by my big sister, Debra. cool,right? I love it.



Doing some photoshoots at home. my big sister,Debra asked my little sister,Dama and I to do some photoshoot. i mean,fashion photoshoot, for sister Debra's blog and mine's too hihi.

What do you think? how do I look? hihi. ok,unusual i use short skirt like that,but my sister ask me to! what can I do? I don't want to wear it either but,it's cute tough.

ME :
Soft Pink - no smoking shirt : from my big sister
mini polkadot skirt : from my Auntie, Australia
Magenta Jacket : my big sister's Jacket but it was from my Mom
Oxford Shoe : my bigsister's shoe. Topshop,Singapore

Maroon tanktop : (it's a short dress,but my bigsister made it look like a tank top) from my Mom
Pattern mini skirt : -
Colorful hand-bag : ZARA (my bigsister's bag)
Jeans Jacket : my bigsister's Jacket