❤ Nike.

you know what?
i just bought a new shoe! it's a Nike shoe.
i love it too mucho!

I just love it so much


face on wall

last nite i was bored and sad..and i don't know what to do, so i drew a picture on my bed wall. actually, it's not a nice drawing, it's just iseng huehehehe.

i think this could show how i feel that day.
so what do you think? please tell me :-)


just like heaven

(this one was edited by me paww :p)

i want to go see the clouds closely...
i want to know what clouds feel like..
i want to be high..i want to fly..
i want to sleep on the clouds, just like heaven...

lately the clouds are so beautiful, and luckily, i brought my camera to school and i captured the nice clouds that looks like cotton candies...nyumm :9

if i could fly to the sky to see the big clouds, i think i wont come back down..
i imagine it..it will feel like heaven.